When Should You Plan a Checkup with a Local Doctor Clinic near Palm Harbor?

When Should You Plan a Checkup with a Local Doctor Clinic near Palm Harbor?

When Should You Plan a Checkup with a Local Doctor Clinic near Palm Harbor?

On average, you should get a checkup from a local doctor clinic near Palm Harbor or surrounding cities in your area at least once per year. Doctor checkups help you maintain good health through regular inspection of your body’s interior and exterior. At regular checkups, you can expect to have blood drawn for blood panels to inspect for diseases or problems, as well as a full physical exam to check your heart, lungs, joints, and muscles.

While annual doctor checkups are recommended, there are instances where you might need to go to the doctor more than average. For example, if you have diabetes or suffer from a chronic disease, you might have to have regular bloodwork every 6 weeks. Whereas, you might also have to visit a doctor if you become sick suddenly, with symptoms like:

  • Severe headache or migraine that persists despite medication.
  • Persistent fever above 101 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Muscles aches and pains that make it difficult to move.
  • Severe sore throat, congestion, and runny nose that lasts for more than two days.
  • Persistent cough or chest pains.
  • Weakness, dizziness, or chronic fatigue.

There are some cases where your symptoms of illness could be related to stress. It’s important to take care of yourself, and going to the doctor regularly is one of the most important methods for self-care.

Other ways you can ensure your good health of body and mind include:

  • Eat a nutritious diet of whole foods – ingest sugar sparingly.
  • Do something that you love to keep your body active! Yoga, going on walks, kickboxing… it all counts!
  • Supplement your diet with vitamins for well-rounded nutrition and better health.
  • Rely on loved ones, like friends and family, to help you cope when your mood is down.

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