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Walk-In Medical Clinic

If you’re looking for a high-quality walk-in medical clinic, look no further than the location here at Polmed Primary Care – Walk-In Clinic. For years we’ve been serving the greater Tampa area and Palm Harbor providing excellent health care for various conditions. Our team of compassionate staff members is here to help you get the care you need for an illness, health condition, or even getting on the path to a healthier lifestyle in general.

We promise to provide disease prevention and promote a healthy lifestyle for all our patients that walk through the doors. Discover how we can help below and make your same-day check-in appointment today!

Care When You Need It

Even if you have a general practitioner, there are times you need to be seen, and they can’t work you in. That’s one of the many advantages of our walk-in clinic. You can walk into our office and be seen on the same day. 

Consistent Care

Even if you visited the first time out of necessity, we can continue your care as long as you like. Our philosophy is to build long-term relationships with all of our patients based on trust, respect, and the excellent care provided. 

Service Options

The walk-in clinic provides a wide range of services to help with various circumstances you may be dealing with. We can provide you with the urine drug testing you need for the new job you’ve been hired at. You can get a pregnancy test in the privacy of our office. We also offer blood draws, EKGs, echocardiograms, and more to help you get the care you require.

Don’t hesitate to visit our walk-in medical clinic for your same-day check-in appointment. You can also call the office at (727) 339-2054 to set up a consultation. Our staff speaks multiple languages, including English, Hungarian, Polish, and Khmer, to better serve the community. 

We Love Our Customers!

Same Day check-in available

We speak: English, Polish, Hungarian, and Khmer ( Cambodian)