Lesion, Skin Tag & Mole Removal

Dealing with lesion, skin tag & mole removal in Palm Harbor is easy when working with Polmed Primary Care – Walk-In Clinic. We provide compassionate care with onsite lab services, removal services, and more. Our team of caring professionals can help you on the same day you walk into the clinic to remove worrisome or bothersome skin lesions and moles. 

Serving the Greater Tampa area, we provide a wide range of medical services that help our clients get the care they need. From Largo to St. Petersburg, we help patients prevent disease, promote a healthy lifestyle, and build long-term relationships. 

Why Remove Lesions or Moles?

In some cases, the reason is a cosmetic one. Perhaps the mole or skin tag is in a location that bothers you cosmetically. Other times could be because the location is one that can be irritated by daily activities. For example, those under the arm or on the neck can be rubbed by clothing, jewelry, or other items. This can cause irritation. 

Still, other reasons to have the items removed may be due to its being malignant. Your care provider will evaluate the lesion or mole, remove it for you, and conduct proper testing to give you peace of mind. With our onsite lab services, we can have the results in a shorter time.

Be sure to reach out to us at (727) 399-2054 today to discuss your need for lesion, skin tag & mole removal in Palm Harbor. The team here speaks multiple languages, including English, Polish, Khmer, and Hungarian. With same-day check-in available, you can have the area taken care of in no time!

Same Day check-in available

We speak: English, Polish, Hungarian, and Khmer ( Cambodian)