Lab, Blood & Urine Analysis Testing Clinic In Safety Harbor

For one reason or another, you could find yourself in need of a lab, blood & urine analysis testing clinic in Safety Harbor. Where can you turn for trusted results? We have the services you are looking for at Polmed Primary Care Walk-In Clinic.

Whenever it is time to look for any sort of testing, you want a reliable option. Polmed Primary Care Walk-In Clinic makes it easy for patients like you to get fast, accurate results for testing such as:

Blood Draw

There may come a time when you need blood drawn for testing. We offer a safe, informative, and inviting environment to handle all of your blood testing needs. Whether you are looking to have vitamin levels checked or there is concern about blood abnormalities, we can ensure you get blood drawn followed by the necessary testing.


You might be surprised at what your urine can say about your health and other functions throughout the body. Urinalysis could be done to take a look at infections, diseases, and many conditions. We offer urinalysis testing onsite so that you can get the answers that you need. This may include testing for pregnancy, drug use for employers, urinary tract infections, kidney conditions, and more.

Lab Miscellaneous

Convenience is key at Polmed Primary Care Walk-In Clinic, which is why you will always find a wide range of lab testing and analysis to get you the efficient, reliable results you need. Get in touch with us if you have questions regarding testing for pregnancy, Mono, strep throat, Covid-19, influenza, and much more.

Call (727) 339-2054 to talk with us at Polmed Primary Care Walk-In Clinic for information about our lab, blood & urine analysis testing clinic in Safety Harbor.

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