How Can a Holter Monitor Save Your Life and Promote Good Health?

How Can a Holter Monitor Save Your Life and Promote Good Health?

How Can a Holter Monitor Save Your Life and Promote Good Health?

From a young age, we learn that the heart is the body’s foundation. It’s the lifeline that keeps us alive. Simple as that. Yes, it works in tandem with other components within our bodies, but the heart is the end-all. When your heart begins acting up, it’s important for Saint Petersburg doctors to closely, carefully monitor the issue to diagnose and, hopefully, fix any problems. This could include using a Holter monitor, a wearable device that tracks and records the pulses and beats of your heart via electrodes. It’s comparable to an EKG or ECG, which would measure the same pulses and beats, but usually over a short span of minutes in a Polmed Primary Care & Walk-in Clinic office.

Holter monitors are worn over 24 to 48 hours, depending upon the severity of the issues. You wear the device for the duration, even when you sleep, allowing doctors to track your heartbeats through all phases of wakefulness, awareness, and activities. They need to see what your heart goes through daily to better connect your heart and health problems.

Can You Shower While Wearing a Holter Monitor?

No, you cannot shower when you wear a Holter monitor. But no worries – it’s for 2 days, at the most, and you can still wipe down with a sponge, soap, and water. Just don’t get the monitor wet.

This also means no swimming, baths, or heavy exercise resulting in excessive sweating. You need to avoid moisture attaching to the device. While a little sweat is expected because of daily activity, it’s important to follow protocol for the accuracy of monitoring readings.

If you or someone you love is experiencing heart palpitations or random chest pains, come to Polmed Primary Care & Walk-in Clinic in Saint Petersburg for observation. A Holter monitor could be the best way to diagnose a health issue and reassure good health. Call us at (727) 339-2054 to learn more.

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