Diabetes Testing & Treatment In Safety Harbor

It is important to get trusted screening if you suspect you or a family member is experiencing the signs and symptoms of diabetes. As a matter of fact, the American Diabetes Association (ADA) has suggested screening for many adults starting at the age of 45. Before 45, anyone overweight and shows additional risk factors should have regular diabetes testing & treatment in Safety Harbor. Polmed Primary Care Walk-In Clinic is here to help!

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When it comes to diabetes testing or any test that has to do with your health and well-being, you want fast, accurate results. Here at our clinic, we offer safe, efficient testing to get you the answers you are looking for.

  • Prediabetes/Child Testing – Due to the rise in childhood obesity cases, Type 2 diabetes has become more prevalent in children and adolescents. It is recommended to have testing done on overweight children and have one or more risk factors.
  • Oral Glucose Testing – This test usually gets done to diagnose diabetes during pregnancy. Blood samples get drawn after fasting for 8hrs or overnight. The patient then drinks a sugary solution, and you have blood sugar levels tested again to see the results.
  • A1C Testing – These tests show a patient’s average blood sugar levels over the last three months. Testing helps measure blood sugar percentage attached to proteins carrying oxygen in red blood cells, known as hemoglobin. The higher blood sugar levels are, the more hemoglobin has sugars attached.

All you have to do is call to set up an appointment or come in as one of our walk-in patients for these and other testing options. We are happy to be a full-service medical clinic, and we are here to address the needs of you and your family when diabetes is a concern.

If you or a family member requires diabetes testing & treatment in Safety Harbor, call Polmed Primary Care Walk-In Clinic at (727) 339-2054.

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