Depression Screening & Treatment

Depression is a common illness that many people suffer through daily. If you’re concerned about yourself or a loved one, getting proper depression screening & treatment in Palm Harbor is important. Polmed Primary Care – Walk-In Clinic provides screening and treatment options to help you get back to living your life. 

We serve the Greater Tampa area, including Safety Harbor, Largo, and Tarpon Springs, among others. Our compassionate medical team is here to build long-term relationships based on respect, trust, and excellence in medical care. Learn how we can help you with this condition as you walk through it and get the help you deserve.

Depression Screening

Depression and sadness are two very different items. Everyone can feel sad at times, but depression can cause major issues with your body and mind. It is important if you are suffering from trouble concentrating or decision-making, feeling like you are worthless or guilty, losing or even gaining weight that you seek medical attention.

Our depression screening will help to ascertain what is going on. If you’re showing signs of depression, this screening process allows you to take a step in the right direction for the treatment you deserve. 

The screening will consist of various questions about your mood, sleeping habits, etc., and could consist of a blood test to determine if physical factors affect you. It’s best to answer the questions as honestly as possible. There’s no judgment in the office! 

If you’re concerned about yourself or a loved one, call us today at 9727) 339-2054 to discuss depression screening & treatment in Palm Harbor. We are here to get you the help you need in moving forward. Our same-day check-in service allows you to get assistance sooner than later. We provide multi-lingual staff members who speak English, Polish, Hungarian, and Khmer to serve our community better. 

Same Day check-in available

We speak: English, Polish, Hungarian, and Khmer ( Cambodian)