Covid Testing & Treatment

Covid can be a scary virus to think about. However, so much more is known about this virus now than in the beginning. Getting a covid test or covid treatment in Safety Harbor is easier today than when the pandemic started. If you require being tested, consider visiting Polmed Primary Care – Walk-In Clinic today. We serve the Greater Tampa area for all the covid-19 testing needs. We’re happy to also offer rapid covid testing & covid antibody testing to our patients.

Who Needs Testing?

There are many categories of people that we see daily. Some are being tested due to known exposure and verification of negative test results required for returning to work or school.  Others require testing due to the fact they are showing symptoms. Still, others are testing before surgery or traveling to ensure they are safe to do so. 

What Is Testing Like?

Covid testing has changed throughout the pandemic as more is known about the virus. We provide a variety of testing, including rapid tests and PCR testing. Rapid tests can provide in 15 minutes, and it is a swab put right inside your nose. The PCR testing requires a swab to go higher into your nasal passage and to obtain fluid from there. These results typically take a few days to receive back. 

We perform all testing on-site and have results for you as soon as possible. If you receive positive results, we can help you with further treatment to get through this virus. 

Rapid COVID Testing

Unlike the PCR test that requires the insertion of a swap deep into the patient’s nasal cavity, rapid COVID testing involves a simple nasal swab. This test makes it faster and easier to get results, with the duration being about 15 minutes. Rapid testing is a good option for those who are symptom-free but wish to monitor their health and those who need quick proof of testing for work, travel, and more.

COVID Antibody Testing

Also known as serology testing, the COVID antibody test is a blood test to determine if a patient has been infected in the past with SARS-CoV-2, which is the virus responsible for COVID-19. However, the antibody test is not able to determine whether a patient is currently infected with COVID.

Don’t hesitate if you feel you need a COVID test or treatment for COVID in Safety Harbor. Our team is here to help speaking multiple languages, including Hungarian, Polish, Khmer, and English. Give us a call today at (727) 339-2054 to learn more about our services or to see about our same-day check-in. 

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