Carotid Doppler Testing & Treatment In Largo

Getting the Carotid Doppler testing & treatment in Largo you need is critical in making sure you reduce your risk of stroke sooner than later. That’s why Polmed Primary Care – Walk-In Clinic is here. The compassionate staff here is ready to help you get a treatment plan to live a full and exciting life. The philosophy we stand by is to help prevent disease in our patients and promote healthy lifestyles for them as well. Part of this means helping you get past a troubling diagnosis such as carotid artery disease.

What Is Carotid Disease?

Carotid artery disease, or (CAD), is where deposits of fat or plaque are building up in the arteries. The two main carotid arteries that are in your neck carry blood to your brain. When there’s a blockage, this can cause a stroke.

Treatment Options

In the early stages of the disease, you may be unaware that it even exists. There are little to no symptoms as it develops. However, our team can help you keep an eye on this if it’s a concern for you to make sure that treatment options are in place sooner than later.

Treatments could include:

  • Dietary and lifestyle changes such as diet, exercise, and quitting smoking
  • Medications to help with breaking up plaque
  • Surgery in severe cases

If you are dealing with CAD, have concerns, or need a full physical check-up, be sure to contact the caring staff members here at Polmed Primary Care. We take time to hear you out, help you find the best course of treatment, and get you on the path to wellness. With patients from all over the Greater Tampa area, we work with many different clients to help them see success with their Carotid doppler.

Call us at (727) 339-2054 for more information about our Carotid Doppler testing & treatment in Largo. We provide you with same-day check-in, and our staff speaks multiple languages, including Hungarian, Polish, Khmer, and English.

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