B12 Injections

Vitamins and minerals necessary for daily life come from a lot of the food you eat. However, most people do not have the best diet. In a world of fast food and processed meals, you can become deficient in nutrients and vitamins vital for daily life. That’s why it’s important to ensure you have your levels checked. One deficiency that can be prevalent from medication, lifestyle, and other factors is B12. It is a vital nutrient that helps with various aspects of your body. If you’re deficient, you may want to consider B12 injections in Palm Harbor at Polmed Primary Care. 

What Are B12 Injections?

B12 Injections are a prescription shot that contains a manmade version of the nutrient. This helps to bring the levels in your body up to proper levels to avoid side effects of a deficiency such as fatigue, depression, headaches, and irritability. 

Who Needs An Injection?

There are several situations that may signal a need for this type of injection. Those people include:

  • Those with a gastrointestinal disorder such as Crohn’s or Celiac
  • People with diabetes that take certain medications
  • Those exhibiting signs of a deficiency
  • Aging adults
  • Those who maintain a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle

Benefits of Shots

These injections can help you with a variety of the symptoms that come with a deficiency. They also can help reduce complications such as disorders in the brain, neuropathy, heart disease, and vision loss.

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