B-12 Testing & Injections In Safety Harbor

Did you know that Vitamin B is crucial to maintaining good health? The human body requires a steady level of this vitamin in order to keep the nervous system working and produce enough red blood cells. If you are looking for B-12 testing & injections in Safety Harbor, we can help at Polmed Primary Care Walk-In Clinic.

The Importance of Vitamin B-12

Low B12 levels are rare for most people that are able to eat a balanced diet. However, there are reasons why B12 could dip down below normal levels. With a simple blood test, you can determine whether or not you have low levels, if they are healthy, or somewhere at the middle point.

Do You Need Testing?

A physician could suggest you have B-12 testing done for any number of reasons, including:

  • Anemia diagnosis
  • Taking medications known to interfere with absorption of B-12
  • Symptoms that align with low B-12 levels
  • Taking on a strict vegan or vegetarian diet
  • Conditions that keep your body from absorbing B-12

It is important to know all of the risk factors that can naturally lower your B-12 levels. People with Celiac disease or Crohn’s may have issues with B-12 absorption, and there are plenty of medications that can hinder how the body takes on this crucial vitamin.

Here at our full-service clinic, we not only offer assessment and testing for lowered B-12 levels, but we also offer vitamin injections to help you maintain the right levels in your body. If you are starting to have fuzzy thinking, increased fatigue, headaches, or moodier than normal, you may have issues with B-12 that should get addressed.

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