Reasons You Need a Regular Lab, Blood & Urine Analysis Testing Clinic In Palm Harbor

Reasons You Need a Regular Lab, Blood & Urine Analysis Testing Clinic In Palm Harbor

Getting regular testing of your blood, urine, and a physical is essential to help with your overall health. Another huge benefit is having a trustworthy place to go that can see you on your schedule. That’s where Polmed Primary Care & Walk-in Clinic comes in. We are a leading lab, blood & urine analysis testing clinic in Palm Harbor.

Our team of compassionate professionals is here to help you whether you need a routine physical or have a medical condition you want to be treated for in a timely manner.

Here are a few reasons that regular lab tests are important:

  • These types of tests can catch medical issues before they become more significant problems
  • The test can reveal if medication or treatments you’re doing are helping with the situation at hand
  • They can catch issues such as kidney failure, UTI or problems with your blood sugar
  • Urine tests can also point to liver or kidney disease if it is present

What To Do

Our office is here to help you with our same-day appointment and services. We provide you with care for various ailments, including cholesterol screening and treatment, blood sugar issues, and even your flu vaccine. Calling our Palm Harbor office will get you an appointment as quickly as possible.

You can also seek our office and services to treat cuts, sprains, and other injuries that do not require medical emergency services.

If you’re in need of a trustworthy lab, blood & urine analysis testing clinic in Palm Harbor, look no further. Our team is here to help with all your medical care needs. Call us today at (727) 339-2054 to set up your same-day appointment, and we look forward to assisting you.

Are You Struggling And Unsure Why? Receive B-12 Testing & Injections In Saint Petersburg

Are You Struggling And Unsure Why? Receive B-12 Testing & Injections In Saint Petersburg

Vitamins and nutrients in the body can cause a huge issue when they are out of balance. You can suffer from various symptoms and not be sure why you are. That’s where the staff at Polmed Primary Care & Walk-In Clinic can help. We provide B-12 testing & injections in Saint Petersburg to help you learn if this could be your issue. If it is, we have a therapy and treatment plan to help you feel like yourself again.

Signs Of B-12 Deficiency

There are several signs that you’re deficient in B-12. It can progress to cause neurological issues as well. That’s why it’s important to catch it early on. Some of the symptoms you may be experiencing include:

  • Vision issues
  • Feeling like pins and needles
  • Depression
  • Irritability
  • Gut issues
  • Loss of appetite

If you’re suffering from any of these issues, it’s time to set up an appointment. We can see you the same day and provide the testing and exam necessary to get you on a path to wellness once again.

The Benefits Of Injections

If it is determined that you have low B-12, injection therapy may be the best course of action. These shots have many benefits, including:

  • Help to balance out or even increase your metabolism
  • Keep your brain active and healthy
  • Help balance mood
  • Increase the health of skin, nails, and hair

The injections are better than an oral option because the body can absorb nutrients more easily. That’s why we recommend considering B-12 injections when you have a deficiency.

Call the office today at (727) 339-2054 to set up your same-day appointment. We are here to help answer all your questions about B-12 testing & injections in Saint Petersburg.

Do You Need To Be Seen? How To Tell If It’s An ER Trip or a Walk-In Medical Clinic In Safety Harbor

Do You Need To Be Seen? How To Tell If It’s An ER Trip or a Walk-In Medical Clinic In Safety Harbor

When you need to be seen by a doctor, it can be upsetting, to say the least. Perhaps it’s a visit that you feel needs to be seen quickly, but you’re not sure if it warrants a trip to the emergency room. When you’re trying to decide if a walk-in medical clinic in Safety Harbor will do, Polmed Primary Care & Walk-In Clinic is here to help.

Learning when to go to the ER or when a clinic can help is vital to making sure you are seen in a timely manner. It also helps to avoid long wait times if it’s possible. Check out the reasons to choose the ER versus a clinic below, or set up an appointment today.

When To Head To The Emergency Room

There are specific times when the ER is the best place to be. Even if there’s a long wait time, clinics aren’t the best option when you have an immediate need.

For example, it’s best to head to the ER if you’re dealing with chest pain. They are equipped to get you in quickly and run the proper tests to find out if you’re in the midst of a heart attack or about to be. It’s best to be at the hospital where you can get the best care when that takes place.

In other instances where an ER is the best option if you or a loved one is dealing with severe bleeding due to a significant injury or having trouble breathing.

The walk-in clinic here is excellent for getting you in on the same day for sore throats, sickness, sprains, fractures, and even cuts that require stitches. When you have an injury or don’t feel well, make sure to head where you can get treatment promptly and be seen the same day you need to.

Call us at (727) 339-2054 to set up an appointment at our walk-in medical clinic in Safety Harbor.

Find Easy Access To Rapid COVID Testing in Clearwater

Find Easy Access To Rapid COVID Testing in Clearwater

COVID is here to stay, and it’s important to know what to do if you’re exposed or need to take a trip soon. Many areas will require a negative test before you can board the plane or enter the area. When that happens, you need to know where you can find easy access to rapid COVID testing in Clearwater. You can find that and more here at Polmed Primary Care Walk-In Clinic.

Reasons You Need Fast Results

There are several reasons you want fast results when testing for COVID. For starters, you may need to travel and prove that you’re safe to do so. The fast testing at our clinic can help with that.

Other reasons may include that you’ve been exposed and want to verify if you are carrying the virus or will expose others. We can help you know the facts within 20 minutes.

Perhaps you need to test after having the virus to verify you’re okay to return to work or school. With rapid testing here at our Clearwater clinic, we can help you do just that. You can be back to normal in no time.

Expert Care And Service

If you do test positive for COVID, you can also depend on our compassionate team members to help with treatment. We know how scary this virus still is and work diligently to bring you comfort and healing as fast as possible.

If you need rapid COVID testing in Clearwater, you’ve come to the right place. Our team is ready to assist you with all of your same-day needs. Call our office at (727) 339-2054 for an appointment.

The Benefits Of Iron Testing & Injections In Largo

The Benefits Of Iron Testing & Injections In Largo

Dealing with a deficiency of any vitamin or mineral in the body can cause havoc on your systems. Learning the iron deficiency signs and the benefits of iron testing & injections in Largo can help. Here at Polmed Primary Care & Walk-In Clinic, we do just that by ensuring that you’re taken care of and that your minerals and vitamins are where they should be.

Don’t Hesitate!

If you have troubling signs with your body, you need to have diagnostic testing done sooner than later. You must work with a talented team of physicians like those here to help you get a proper diagnosis. Some signs that you’re deficient in iron include:

  • Extreme fatigue
  • Pale skin
  • Cold feet or hands
  • Inflammation
  • Brittle nails

Benefits of Testing And Injections

Testing your iron levels makes it easy to determine if that’s the cause of your troubling symptoms. It’s important to have testing done sooner than later to get you on the road to better health. The injections are great for getting iron in your system faster than a pill can. Another benefit of injections is that this is a more absorbable form to some than simply adding a pill to a daily regimen.

If you’re dealing with symptoms, you can’t quite figure out, talk with a professional here at Polmed Primary Walk-In Clinic. We offer same-day services to see you as soon as possible. We understand that getting care as quickly as possible regarding your health is crucial.

Call us today at (727) 339-2054 for more information on iron testing & injections in Largo.

Get Expert Diabetes Testing & Treatment in New Port Richey With Polmed Primary Care

Get Expert Diabetes Testing & Treatment in New Port Richey With Polmed Primary Care

Many people live with diabetes daily. While some get excellent care and work hard to keep it in check, others are not so lucky to have the type of care team on their side they need. That’s where Polmed Primary Care can help. Our compassionate team here specializes in providing expert diabetes testing & treatment in New Port Richey.

Whether you’re newly diagnosed or are concerned about symptoms you’re seeing, we can help.

Don’t Leave It Unchecked!

Diabetes can cause much damage over the years when left untreated or unchecked. That is why having a team on your side is so critical. You need a care team to help you with regularly testing your sugar, keeping an eye on your A1C, and providing treatment options that fit your specific needs.

Diabetes Can Be Scary!

When you hear that you have diabetes, it can be a scary diagnosis. However, having a team like the one here at Polmed Primary Care makes it less so. We work with you to create a dietary plan of treatment that may include medications to control your glucose numbers. Keeping your numbers in the preferred range can help ward off future damage to your organs or body.

Care When You Need It

We provide care when you need it. Our same-day seen policy helps you get in when you need care. Getting sick with diabetes can exacerbate things and can be more challenging to get over. That’s why you need access to primary care at all times. You can count on us to be there!

If you need to discuss diabetes testing & treatment in New Port Richey, reach out today by calling (727) 335-2054.

4 Signs You May Need Food Sensitivity Testing In Town N Country

4 Signs You May Need Food Sensitivity Testing In Town N CountryThere are so many different health concerns that can stem from your diet. From being overweight to having diabetes, high blood pressure, and more. It would help if you had someone to rely on when you’re concerned about health issues you may be noticing. Sometimes it could stem from you have food sensitivity. The best way to know if this is the case is to consider food sensitivity testing in Town N Country here at Polmed Primary Care.

The clinic here provides primary care for a variety of health conditions. Our compassionate and caring team will work with you to find the best path to health possible. See below the four signs you may want to consider a food sensitivity test:

Headaches and Fatigue

You may want to consider your diet if you’re dealing with constant fatigue and headaches. Some sensitivities can cause these symptoms regularly. You may notice it when you only eat certain types of food. It’s good to keep a log and monitor when these symptoms appear.

Gastro Problems

This could be anything from constipation to diarrhea or dealing with nausea as well. Pay attention to the times this seems to be worse.


Some food sensitivities can show up in congestion or allergy symptoms regularly.


While some heartburn is typical, it warrants further investigation if you consistently have it daily.

If you’re concerned that food could be causing your health issues, it’s best to reach out to the experts here at Polmed Primary Care. Call us today at (727) 339-2054 to learn more about food sensitivity testing in Town N Country.

Weekend Emergency? Head To The Emergency Walk-In Clinic In Dunedin

Weekend Emergency? Head To The Emergency Walk-In Clinic In DunedinWhether you have a regular physician’s office or not, there are times you need medical care in an emergency when the office isn’t open. That’s why there is a fantastic emergency walk-in clinic here at Polmed Primary Care in Dunedin. The compassionate and caring staff here offers you service when you need it most.

Learn when to use the emergency walk-in option versus the emergency room to get the care you need no matter the day of the week:

Emergency Clinic

There are numerous benefits of coming to an emergency clinic versus the emergency room. One of the main advantages patients like is that the wait times are much shorter. You can be pushed down the line in an emergency setting if a more significant, urgent issue arises. That can mean you’re sitting there for hours waiting to be seen. When you or your child don’t feel well, that is torture.

That’s where a clinic that offers emergency services comes in handy. Our team of compassionate care providers gets you in as fast as possible to provide all your urgent care needs. Whether you have an injury that needs to be checked out or you’re not feeling well, you can be seen promptly at night or on the weekends.

Having access to 24-hour urgent care access is essential to our community. That’s why we at Polmed Primary Care are here. We strive to offer the best medical care in an ever-changing environment.

Our team is here to help 24 hours a day as your first choice for an emergency walk-in clinic in Dunedin. Call us today at (727) 339-2054 to set up an appointment or to find out more.

The Importance Of Glucose Testing In Seminole

The Importance Of Glucose Testing In Seminole

Being a diabetic can be a scary health condition to deal with. That’s why it is important to have primary care that you can count on. If you are unsure where to go, Polmed Primary Care is here. We offer glucose testing in Seminole to help you learn how to manage your diabetes better.

Importance of Testing

There are many reasons that proper glucose monitoring is essential. For starters, it helps you to manage your condition better. Glucose testing helps to give your physician a snapshot of what your sugar numbers are doing daily.

Low blood sugar can be dangerous, and so can high blood sugar. You must keep an eye on what your numbers are throughout the day so that you can better ward off extreme swings. Low sugar numbers can cause dizziness, anxiety, irritability, or even passing out if it goes too far.

High numbers can lead to confusion, an increase in hunger or thirst, or blurry vision. Keeping your sugar closely monitored and controlled is important.

Regular Visits

You must have a primary care doctor who can help you keep an eye on your sugar to avoid long-term health complications. Here at Polmed Primary Care, we can do just that. We offer glucose testing and monitoring, bloodwork, and more to help you successfully keep control of your diabetes. Whether you’re Type 1 or Type 2, we can help you to live healthier.

Polmed Primary Care is your walk-in clinic, primary care physician, or emergency health care team. Contact us today by calling (727) 339-2054 to learn more about our glucose testing in Seminole. We look forward to assisting you with your health care needs.

Need To Be Seen? When To Choose A Walk-In Medical Clinic In Safety Harbor

Need To Be Seen? When To Choose A Walk-In Medical Clinic In Safety Harbor

When it comes to health care, it can be overwhelming at times. Who do you choose as your primary care? What do you do when you can’t get to see your regular doctor and have a need? Is this need an ER visit or a walk-in clinic? All of those questions can weigh heavy on your mind. However, there are a few ways to know if choosing a walk-in medical clinic in Safety Harbor suits you. Polmed Primary Care is here to help our Greater Tampa area patients with their immediate medical needs.

Reasons to Choose A Walk-In Clinic

There are many reasons that patients choose a walk-in clinic versus the ER. For starters, ER wait times can be quite long. Depending on the severity of the issue you arrive with, the wait time could be hours on end. A walk-in clinic can help you get seen much faster.

Another reason this is a great option is that clinics can usually get you right in when you can’t see your primary care doctor. Sometimes it could be that you need to be seen on the weekend or after hours. That’s where a clinic can help.

Patients also come into the clinic for various ailments such as:

  • Nausea
  • Flu symptoms
  • Pain
  • Fever
  • Dehydration

One of the benefits of choosing a walk-in clinic is that you can be seen the same day you come in. That helps to alleviate the issues you’re dealing with and the wait time of your regular doctor.

Check out our walk-in medical clinic in Safety Harbor here at Polmed Primary Care Walk In Clinic if you need to be seen. Call us today at (727) 339-2054 to learn more.

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I’ve been going to CC, a Nurse Practitioner, Denise, and Sarah, at Dr. Kaszuba’s office for a long time now. I just want to say how I love this office. I found out about the office when I took an elderly patient here for her visit. They were so welcoming, I decided to switch to them for my doctor even though I live in Pinellas Park. I’ve always received the best care here.

The team at the front office is amazing I appreciate how nice Sarah has been with helping me with my appointments. The whole team does a great job and really care. Cassie Thomas

Great staff, smooth process. Booked through Zocdoc, staff called and confirmed appointment. Visit was friendly and informative. I was looking for a Primary, this office pretty much summed my decision. Thank you Polmed!

I felt very comfortable and welcomed. Doc was very knowledgeable.looking forward to having this team guide me back to health!

I wouldn’t change doctors for anything, Dr. Kaszuba is the best! I overlook the small stuff that is irrelevant ! He goes above & beyond !Not only is he a polite gentleman, but he has nailed every condition I’ve had, proving certain specialists incorrect! He’s old school knows the body in its entirety not just generally! I hope he gets rest, though! Also, his staff are awesome they love him! It’s all a breath of fresh air especially during these times. Thank you, all!

Very professional, i highly recommend

I have been a patient of Dr Kaszuba, Ben Landry, and "Ci Ci" for 15 years. I am a retired 33-year clinican myself. I credit Dr. Kaszuba for saving my life, as he recognized my symptoms at a very early stage, intervened, and took action immediately. His staff maintains a high standard of ethics in their areas of expertise especially Sarah. And have been very considerate of my health status, relaying information and communications.I travel 2 hours one- way for my appointments because of the high quality of care.

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I love the staff and I love how they listen to me when I have a problem.

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